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- Music Bar / Magaluf

€ 99,950
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€ 2,500
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Commercial / Investment
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The business benefits from operating as a music licensed venue, offering later opening till 4am and louder volumes after midnight. License also allows live music.  The premises is open plan with a long bar running down completely one side, with DJ booth built in to one end. Comfortable mixture of seating, stools, chairs and bench style. Officially to permit 168 plus clients. Outside seating to the front and side totaling 300m2 to seat 50 plus. Ceiling fans, televisions, Satellite, plus the attraction of a pool table and game machines (50/50 share). Ladies and gents cloakrooms and office space and storage to the rear. Popular day and night, opening later on in day by owners choice. Takings indicated in region of 200,000 euros in last couple of years. Run by 4 to 5 people (two business owners and support staff) COMMENT: Seasonally trading, suited both for the 18/30's crowd as well as families, depending perhaps on the 'sports' side of the business being run/shown.
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The main theme here is 'Sports and DJ music' and most successful it is indeed, being packed on football, rugby, cricket, boxing days, etc.. Part of the secret is the large size 280m2 and the bar's prominent central Magalluf location, surrounded by hotels and only two minutes from the beach.