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- For Rent Restaurant Premises in Vibrant Tourist Resort

€ 27,500
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€ 2,000
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Commercial / Investment
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This business is surrounded by bars, restaurants, hotels, holiday and residential apartments plus all of the main clubs in Magaluf.  Inside, with an area of over 100m2, there is a bar complete with all necesssary bar equipment and the main area easily seats 40 people.  The kitchen is to the rear and is also fully equipped with ovens, grills, fridges, food preparation areas etc and, off the kitchen, there is a good storage area and shower room.  There are male and female washrooms to the rear of the restaurant area.
Outside, there is a partly covered terrace capable of seating a further 36/40 people.
This business has been running for over 7 years and has always enjoyed both a day and night trade, opening all year round.  It is ideally suited for a couple to run, with 1 or 2 part time staff to help out during the busier summer period.  Currently closed and awaiting new tenants.
COMMENT:  The price includes a deposit of one year's rent and a contract fee.
Other Details:
Situated on a busy street in the heart of this bustling tourist resort, this bar/restaurant is currently available as a rental direct with the landlords and comes eqiupped with everything necessary to start trading immediately!