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Fiestas in Mallorca

October : First Sunday of the month, the fiesta of 'Torrada d'es Botifarro' or Fiesta of the Black Pudding is held in Sant Joan. where Butifarrones, slices of pork and sobrassada are roasted on BBQ pits. Traditional dancing and special exhibitions are held.
    * October : Third Saturday of the month, Palma - Santa Catalina Tomas 'La Beateta '
    * Dijous Bo : Inca - popular fair
    * November 30 : Santanyi - Sant Andreu
    * December 24/25 : Over more recent years families have started to celebrate Christmas including the traditional Santa Claus.
    * December 31 : New Years Eve celebrations plus in Palma 'l'Estandard', to honour the Christian conquest of Palma in 1229.