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New rules for Immigration Residency Visa

New rules for Immigration Residency Visa

 Spain approved a new package of measures to attract buyers and investors from countries outside the EU, such as Russia or China.

The new measures are intended to supplement already existing in September 2013 with the rules.
Innovation, approved on June 1 prolong the permit for 2 to 5 years. However, he may be granted not only legitimate wife, but also to any person who calls the investor as their non-registered spouse and the parents of the investor / his spouse. The residence permit is issued, and now adult children who are financially dependent on their parents.
In addition, buyers of expensive real estate after payment of the first installment now relies temporary residence permit for six months, and after the full payment of a Foreign investors will be able to issue a 5-year residence permits without having to travel from Spain to their homeland, as envisaged earlier. No longer need to leave and for the extension of the document for a new term.
Another innovation is that together with the residence permit the investor receives the right to work in Spain - both as an entrepreneur and self-employed. The new measures also provide an opportunity to issue a residence document in the Spanish representatives of the investor, who will manage its business in Spain.