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Why to buy property in Majorca

Real Estate in Mallorca

During the unstable economic situation, buying a property abroad was in great demand. Many people have realized that investing in property abroad - it is the best solution. Over the past 20 Years most popular was the purchase of real estate in Spain. From an economic point of views making investments in the purchase of a home or apartment in Spain is much safer than the best solution: * the opening of bank accounts * Securities * Purchase metals.

Buy the property at a discounted price now, after crisis it will rise in value!


Why buy in Mallorca?

Mallorca is located centrally, diverse, safe and rich

One of the best places to enjoy life

 At the present time is of particular interest was the acquisition of property in Mallorca, which is considered a sound investment due to the constant growth in property prices and high levels of security on the island.

According to the Association of Banks (Confederacion de las Cajas de Ahorros), the value of property in the Balearic ostrovahvozrosla by 118% between 1999 and 2001. According TINSA (panel of experts to assess the real estate), the rise in prices during the period 1999-2005. was an unprecedented and reached 214%.

At the present time, during the great world crisis, which was razed to the global crisis 1930-1933 gg. many construction companies as reduced prices, especially in the apartment (see the online Reference. № 6250, the eastern part of Mallorca, adecrease of 100.500 euro!). Falling prices, according to our observations, does not affect the real estate market and the high-end luxury property in Mallorca, as this island is steadily attracts customers of various nationalities: their traditional constant demand in the UK and German markets, a relatively new Ireland and Scandinavia, and Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France and Italy. At present, Russia has also discovered the potential of the island of Mallorca as a place dlyavlozheniya capital, as well as for tourism and recreation. The choice is large: luxury villas, mansions, apartments.

Take advantage of purchasing real estate in Mallorca: 
- No risk of inflation, sound financial investment. 
- In case of no personal use, the additional income for the lease of the object. 
- Continuous improvement of the value of real estate in Mallorca. 
- Reliable Doponitelnye income pensioonom age.

Our Russian-speaking lawyer to take care that you avoid problems when entering into a contract or lease.

We look forward to working with you and wish you great success in the search for the real estate of your dreams.